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The SuccessHub Relocation and Launch Into Leeds

By Mike Midgley Posted 3 May, 2019 In 10. Marketing - TSH Leeds Relocation
Welcome To Leeds - Video v3


SuccessHub Relocation - Leeds Announcement

The relocation sees over three months planning come to maturity and that in shortlisting and choosing the right location was absolutely fundamental for a whole stack of reasons.

When we were considering relocating, Leeds was a natural choice as one of the leading digital and tech-focused cities in the north of England. Whilst we took a look at Sheffield, we felt Leeds had so much more to offer to match the SuccessHubs ambitions and niche.

Being at the heart of the Leeds City centre provides The SuccessHub with new opportunities to serve its clients and drive forward our 2022 Growth Plan.

The ability for the team to be more accessible to clients in this region is key, we also have access to market leading facilities including larger conference facilities and training rooms.

The relocation also allows us to host our new financial and professional service channel partner events at the heart of the financial centre of the city.  This new partner channel provides new vertical opportunities and revenues for both the partners participating in the program as well as leveraging The SuccessHub’s revenue model through this service diversification.




SuccessHub Relocation - World Class Talent

Another attraction to choosing Leeds as our new home was the access to the world-class digital talent the city and overall what the region has to offer.  

We understand and respect that our team are extensions of our brand, the need to deliver market leading inbound Growth Engines requires market leading talent as we expand, we believe this is in abundance in Leeds and we are looking forward to creating new job opportunities over 2019 and beyond.

Previously, The SuccessHub was located in Doncaster, supported by a satellite office in the city of London. This was a fantastic country retreat where we have serviced our high growth entrepreneurial clients for almost 6 years.

Whilst the space we have in Doncaster has a unique cultural identity, with its remote location we now need to access different markets, talent and be located at the heart of a vibrant tech city.  

The Doncaster agency will remain and will serve our Growth Engine Executive Client and host NC+XD board meetings, but the main services of our digital inbound Growth Agency will be delivered from The Leeds office.

SuccessHub Relocation - Persona Leeds

A perfect client fit for The SuccessHub is a service backed business who are already doing in excess of a million in revenue.

Ideally, they've got high growth opportunities, potentially either looking for venture capital or venture capital backed and one who is looking to triple the revenue and become a market leader.

The perfect persona understands they need to invest to make this growth curve happen and are looking for significantly more than the disadvantages of a detached theoretical business coach or NXD who are unable to execute go to market strategies which a traditional agency would deliver to support their internal team.

As a Growth Agency, The SuccessHub deliver all touch points from the executive coaching and NXD services, through to venture capital raising assistance and then professionally executing the go to market strategy through the agency.

The augmented approach is seamless and more cost effective than individual services.

SuccessHub Relocation - GrowthEngine Leeds

So, what is a Growth Engine? A Growth Engine is a seven-stage managed inbound framework that increases the client's revenue through targeted lead generation, client acquisition and retention.


GrowthEngine - Roadmap




SuccessHub Relocation - Partner Channel

We have used the Growth Engine approach across many different service sectors, naturally, they are geared to companies who are wanting to grow and grow high up the hockey stick.

We've taken this tried and tested seven-stage Growth Engine framework we have delivered to end clients, and we are today licencing that to professional and financial services and management consulting businesses as a framework for them to introduce to their own clients.

The Growth Engine framework is white or co labelled and allows the strategic and tactical advice that professional service companies provide to be supported by a bolt on a go to market agency strategy.

Why is this important, considerable frustration is evident with professional services companies when their own advice is not actioned, as the client either doesn’t have the resources to implement the advice themselves whether that be as a result of a lack of time or knowledge.

This strategy benefits their clients with an inbound framework to attract more qualified leads through marketing, assists their sales teams to convert more deals, and then increase client services retention and upsells into new products to support the professional advice they already provide, ultimately more value is extracted from the professional advice and the client can attribute direct revenue growth as a result.



SuccessHub Relocation - 2022 GrowthPlan

As we embark into Quarter 2 of 2019 - this is a strong gear shift and indicator that sees the start of an exciting phase for The SuccessHub.

It's the beginning of 2022 Growth Plan and being at the heart of the City centre of Leeds allows us to serve our clients better, and deliver the new partner channels.

So it's exciting times and we're looking forward to working within the Leeds business community.

SuccessHub Relocation - SuccessHub Vision Leeds

The SuccessHub is pretty passionate about its culture and vision - this is to ensure every business and its management team reaches its ultimate potential and maximise stakeholder value.




SuccessHub Relocation - Growth Agency Leeds

Growth Engines are powered by the HubSpot inbound methodology and software platform.

It covers not just inbound marketing, but Account Based marketing with the added benefit of sales enablement and client services strategies to ensure the client is at the centre of everything you do.  

At The SuccessHub we position yourself very much as a Growth Agency which comes from an executive business position which is focused on bottom-line results as opposed to just a marketing agency who are focused on top line performance.

SuccessHub Relocation - Where Can You Find Us?

If you'd like to learn more about The SuccessHub, you can visit us at https://www.thesuccesshub.io or check out our blog, https://blog.thesuccesshub.io

Or why not set up a no obligation Growth Engine Consultation through this link.




SuccessHub Relocation - On Social

Leave us a comment below, or why not follow us on any of the main social media channels by searching The SuccessHub and as always #GoDoTheHustle, #GoMakeItHappen and we look forward to seeing you at one of our Growth Engine events real soon.

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Leeds Was The Natural Choice

To launch our 2022 GrowthPlan and access the world class digital talent the city has to offer – ‘Mike Midgley’


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