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S1:E5 - How Inbound Became A Virtual Conference and You Can Do The Same To Maximise Your Events

by Jamie Midgley, on Sep 23, 2020 10:39:29 AM

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Virtual In The New Normal
How does the largest premier inbound conference in the world 'Inbound' pivot and adapt through serious adversity when the pandemic outbreak forced the cancellation of their September 2020 event in Boston?

Before we cover this point, let's just frame what Inbound is, the scale, size, importance to people in the HubSpot and Inbound community.

As an annual event, based in Boston USA, Inbound is the #1 place to be where marketers and digital pros meet up each year, around 24,000 people attend the four-day event packed with world-class keynote speakers, breakout track education sessions and networking that is second to none.

As a HubSpot Solutions Partner, it is the pinnacle event in our calendar each year and with the prospect of not being able to attend, this is a BIG issue.

Enter the genius of the Inbound and HubSpot team, while many companies are going online with their events, Inbound went on steroids.

In this podcast, we discuss the unbelievable Inbound2020 portal and demonstrate some of its feature, the most advanced interactive online conference experience our team has seen...EVER!

If there ever is a gold standard for online events.......welcome to Inbound.

While you may not have the expertise, time, resources to replicate this, it is still possible to transfer your traditional in-person event online - speak without a team for more information.

In-Person Events 
The pandemic has certainly stalled the traditional events space, causing disruption, financial loss and lost opportunities to host and attend amazing conferences. However, this does not mean you have to cut the event experience from your schedule in 2020 / 2021. 

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Virtual Conferences Create Opportunity
If in-person events were a core strategy for your business pre the pandemic, the technology available allows you to deliver amazing experiences.

In fact, online events while becoming more accepted, offer increased opportunity to grow your business, increase revenues and reach audiences previously restricted by geographic, travel or investment costs.

Interactive Global Events To GrowFaster
Using technology like HubSpot, Zoom, Webinars and pre-recorded video, all the usual in-person event experiences can be replicated (outside the human touch of course) which is super important we get that but we are where we are in the world.

So what is the next best thing? Immersive online experiences from keynote stages, individual learning tracks, sponsors booths, live chat and engagement, networking through chat rooms along with global delivery times of events are all possible.

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If so we would like to interview you on your specialist area of Inbound, simply click the calendar link below and complete the form, we look forward to welcoming you to the show.



About The Author

Jamie Midgley

As a digital entrepreneur, Jamie has achieved success with clients throughout the UK, USA and EMEA regions. As Co-Founder of 6teen30 Digitals HubSpot Inbound Growth Agency and Client Success Director, he leads the fulfilment team to deliver inbound growth engines to help his clients #GrowFaster. Specialising in working with digitally-focused service companies who are committed to growing online to help drive qualified leads into their sales teams through Inbound campaigns. Jamie hosts the Inbound Podcast and also produces TheOpenMike Podcast show. As a host of the Growth Engine Community Jamie provides valuable insights to its members through his weekly Inbound Snapshot Training.


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