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Dan Kennedy Heartfelt Thanks to A Cult Hero - BH-1

Heartfelt Thanks to A Cult Hero

By Mike Midgley Posted 22 August, 2019 In Dan Kennedy - Heartfelt Thanks to A Cult Hero

My Personal Tribute To Dan Kennedy

Today is filled with sadness and loss, a tremendous loss for me personally.

I woke up this morning to learn of Dan Kennedy's serious illness and impending death.

In typical style, Dan wrote a letter to everyone from his deathbed and you can read that here https://dankennedytribute.com/

For me, today is filled with sadness, the exact same sadness I felt on the 28th November 2012 when we said goodbye to Zig Ziglar - three years earlier on December the 05th 2009 when we said goodbye to Jim Rohn.

No matter who your heroes are, those famous or not, it's not until we meet sad days like these that we think about the impact these people have had and will continue to have on our lives.

Without Dan Kennedy, my first investment into his Magnetic Marketing cassette and cd courses and the countless others I've invested in, each time making 100 times my investment back because they simply are that good, I would not be the person professionally, or personally, I am today.

This Offline Library Made Me Millions...

Here's a photo taken today [22/08/2019] of an entire library of everything I have from GKIC and Dan's course library, yes these are all ring binders with CDs, cassettes and countless scribbles all over the pages with coloured highlighted pieces of dynamite that got me going and kept me on the path to success. There are countless more books and audio and online training to support these 'Shelves of Gold!' that takes centre stage with a section of their very own in our agency that's how important this library is to me personally.

Couple this with the thousands of emails I received and I saved every single one of them, for the pure copywriting genius value they presented into my inbox every day.


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Starting My Journey in the '90s

For me, I came across Dan Kennedy in the late 90's - whilst I wasn't hooked on the concept and style, at first I genuinely thought it was a scam.

At this point you have to date this early time on the internet and the kind of 'by mail order' training that was being offered via email or direct response letter, where you sent in a cheque in the hope that your box of so-called goodies all the way from the USA would arrive on cassette tapes or if you were lucky CD some three to four weeks later.

Consider in the late 90's there's no mainstream downloads or online training, or Amazon-like global stores there is today.

Sending in the cheque or faxing in your order was the way to go with your credit card number totally un-secure whizzing through the airwaves only to be printed on thermal paper at the end.

This is how you got your content and as Zig said you then hammered the motorway miles learning the 'highway university' way listening to cassettes or CDs. Those were the days I remember fondly with Dan's uncompromising style belching through the speakers.

When I first listened to Magnetic Marketing in the early 2000s and for those who don't have it, please go get it.....even today in 2019, it is so relevant and has influenced so many major players you recognise today, in fact, most will credit Dan in some way or another that what is in their courses today stems from Dan's original knowledge.

The Multi-Million Dollar Quote

The most resonating statement Dan delivered that I will never forget was about differentiating your business, the quote goes like:

"Why should I, your prospective customer choose to do business with you, over every and any other available option to me?" - Dan Kennedy

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Once I cracked that, I fused the service I provided to the market place with differentiation and my $195 or whatever I paid for Magnetic Marketing way back when started to pay dividends.

I still use that statement in every opening strategy session I deliver with a new client it is that powerful. Thank you, Dan, for this quote alone changed my life forever and is a significant key contributor to my own success.

For those of you who follow my work, especially The Open Mike Podcast, you will often hear me reference some wild crazy story that happened as a result of me using one of Dan's strategies.

I've lost count of the revenue I've written, the profit I've made but it is in the millions and the countless opportunities I have been able to provide to others through coaching, training, mentorship as a result of my 'granite education' on core fundamentals of marketing courtesy of Dan Kennedy.

Goodbye, My Friend, It Has Been A Pleasure Learning From You Along The Way

Farewell Dan, like all the genius pioneers you will be remembered well past today. For those reading this if Dan touched your hearts, I highly recommend you leave a note here leaveatribute@nobsinnercircle.com and I'd love to learn what great he did for you with a comment below.

For me, it is with sadness I write this tribute, I know from your new journey Dan you will pull the copy apart as the perfectionist and genius writer you are, If I ever could be 10% of your greatness I will have overachieved and in closing my thoughts and prayers are with your family during this very sad time.

Sincerely, Very Grateful and Goodbye

Mike Midgley

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"Why should I, your prospective customer choose to do business with you, over every and any other available option to me?" - Dan Kennedy

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Dan Kennedy Heartfelt Thanks to A Cult Hero - BH-1
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